June 25, 2024


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The History of Harvey Guzzini

harvey guzzini

Founded in 1959 by the six brothers of the Guzzini family, Harvey Guzzini is an Italian lighting manufacturer that went by various names throughout the 20th century. In the early days, the company’s focus was on copper-plated decorative objects, but the company later expanded its offerings to include modern table and floor lamps. As its name suggests, Harvey Guzzini is often referred to as a lighting designer, but in reality, the company is much more than that.

Harvey Guzzini is an Italian company whose designs are often attributed to an individual designer. However, the company actually went by several names throughout the twentieth century, and in fact, the company did have some famous designers in its employ. Luigi Massoni, who was hired by Harvey Guzzini as its chief designer, was responsible for some of the company’s most iconic pieces. Massoni was an architect-designer, and he is credited with designing iconic lighting pieces during the 1960s and 1970s. He also designed the company’s logo and was in charge of the company’s advertising campaigns. Massoni also boosted the brothers’ profile by handling the company’s public relations. Massoni worked for the company until 1976, when he moved on to a different position within the company.

Harvey Guzzini was one of the most successful Italian design houses of the 20th century, and its DH outlet was one of the best known. In 1969, the company opened an outlet in central Milan, and it quickly gained a reputation for producing some of the finest design products in the world.

The company also exhibited at Domus: Formes Italiennes, an exhibition that was held at the Galeries Lafayette in Paris. At this event, the company exhibited its ‘Media Lamp’, designed by Gio Ponti, and its ‘Toledo’ table lamp, designed by Sergio Brazzoli. Harvey Guzzini also partnered with a Yugoslavian furniture company called Meblo in Nova Gorica, present-day Slovenia, and produced a series of furniture items. The company produced wooden garden furniture, as well as plastic flower beds and bathroom equipment.

In addition to the Media Lamp, the company also produced a number of other iconic lamps, including the ‘Mushroom’ table lamp, designed by Luciano Buttura and Massoni, and the ‘Nastro’ series, designed by Ermanno Lampa and Sergio Brazzoli. The ‘Moana’ lamp, designed by Massoni, was another highlight of the company’s design history.

In addition to lighting, the company also produced a variety of other products, including acrylic lamps, wooden club tables and buffet carts. Harvey Guzzini is also known for its distinctive floor lamps, which are known for their clean lines and unique details. These floor lamps are a favorite amongst collectors and interior designers alike. The company is still in business today, and its headquarters are in Recanati, Italy. In 1981, the company introduced its iGuzzini illuminazione line, which is still in production today. Harvey Guzzini’s products are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes. In addition to its well-known table and floor lamps, the company also produces chandeliers, sconces, and other decorative lighting items.