February 26, 2024


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How to Install an XCTS-1M Plant Touch Lamp

plant touch lamp

This plant touch lamp is a totally safe electrical appliance, with three safety overrides. Its 100% safety record is backed by a 13-page report by the British Standards Institute. It is also certified to meet the requirements of the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive and the Low Voltage Directive.

XCTS-1M touch plate

To install an XCTS-1M touch plate for a plant touch lamp, first remove the outer sheath from the male phone cord. Next, connect the power cord to the female phone cord. Then, connect the red and yellow wires to the relay. Snap on the relay and you should see a light turn on. If it does, you can screw on the top of the relay box.

XCTS-1M touch plate for a plant touch lamp works by sensing a change in capacitance on an electrically conductive medium. When the touch detects this change, the lamp automatically turns on and off. To improve the switching process, place a coaster in between the touch plate and the object you want to light.

The touch control circuitry works with any incandescent lamp. A second wire connects to the touch control wire, which communicates with the control circuitry. A plug is attached to the second contact and then plugged into an outlet. The touch control circuitry will then supply power to the lamp.

Potted plant desk lamp

A potted plant desk lamp can add a natural element to any office. They come in a small clay pot base and emit a soft green glow from the leaves. These lamps also make a great pen holder. They are available in a wide variety of colors and can be paired with a variety of accessories.