May 26, 2024


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How to decorate the courtyard garden in 2022

The design of flowers and plants in the large space of the garden is the key to the success or failure of the garden design.

garden design

Different space scales give a lot of room for the design of garden flowers and plants, plus the mode of the building located in the garden, so that most of the gardens have a unique large space. These spaces are rich in forms, and the targeted flower design and transformation can highlight their respective characteristics, and each space can be perfectly combined with each other.

garden design

A lounge chair makes for a quiet little rest area, and the light colors of flowers and plants make everything fall into silence. A large number of potted plant combinations make the courtyard environment very rich. Combined with decorations such as stone scenery and leisure furniture, the leisure function of the courtyard is perfected. The two turtles in the flowers seem to be playing hide-and-seek, and the simple decoration makes the whole plant environment interesting.

garden design

The flower and grass decoration of the courtyard adopts a variety of plant relay methods to decorate the courtyard environment, and the formed flower belt also has the function of separating the courtyard space. The villain between the mountains and the water makes the small environment decoration of square inches also have the feeling of large space.

There is a fish that seems to be swimming on the wooden stakes of the lawn, and elegant flowers and plants are arranged around it to match the artistic conception of the fish playing among the water and grass. The chic shape of the small house street light also brings a lot of warm colors to the railing environment. The exquisitely carved figures and ornaments belong to the typical American style and are suitable for decoration in American or rough western courtyards.

garden design

The clay pot is buckled upside down on the fence, and there is some interest in the simple and natural courtyard environment.

The flower border in the garden should be careful not to block all the sight of pedestrians, so less tall shrubs and small trees are used, and more kinds of grass and flowers are used, which also replace the ground cover in the garden to a certain extent. By planting a variety of plants, every part of the flower border is a unique scene. Such a small flower border is accompanied by the garden road in the garden, which makes the overall environment of the garden more colorful.

garden design

The wooden decorative pieces in the flower border are also very interesting as decorations alone. The posture of plants that grow at will can best reflect the environmental characteristics of the flower border. The high and low combinations of potted flowers of various shapes complement each other, creating a very natural and comfortable home flower environment.

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The home garden is designed with abundant plants. Plants of different heights are combined with the flower pond and the drop generated by the steps, which expresses the rich plant layers of the environment and the lively home scene. The small flower border uses a combination of various materials to turn the small landscape into a concentrated mountain landscape.

garden design

The small flower border uses a combination of various materials to turn the small landscape into a concentrated mountain landscape. Different plants can create different styles of flower borders, and plants with simple lines and cultural stone decoration also have a unique charm.

The mottled garden road in the flower border is also an important part of creating the artistic conception of the flower border. A landscape piece composed of pottery pots and small potted flowers, compact in content and rich in layers.