May 26, 2024


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Bocci 28 Copper Pendant

bocci 28 copper

Bocci 28 copper is available in a variety of colors and compositions. It is typically sold in lengths of 10 feet, but can be purchased in customized lengths. The company will contact all purchasers to discuss their specific needs. The company also offers trade discounts. A trade discount is available on copper orders over a certain amount.

Svetil’niki 28

The Svetil’niki 28 copper pendant is ideal for contemporary interiors. Its flexible copper suspension allows for a varied compositional reading and sculptural forms. It is an excellent option for luxury contemporary interior design projects. The copper pendant is made of brass, bronze, or copper.

Svetil’niki 28 SEMI-RIGID

The Svetil’niki 28 SEMIRIGID copper is a popular choice of many climbers, as it is incredibly lightweight and easy to handle. This model also features a low-profile design and a comfortable shoulder strap. The metal is also easy to clean and maintain, making it a popular choice for hikers who want to minimize weight. The Svetil’niki 28 SEM-RIGID copper is also very strong and durable.

The Svetil’niki 28 series combines a metal and glass halo with a copper suspension, creating an artful composition aesthetic. Glass tangles sculpturally with copper, while the copper adds scale and depth. The raw copper gleams brightly when new, but slowly begins to patina. The result is a beautiful chandelier that warms up as it ages.

Flexible copper suspension option

The Bocci 28 collection is equipped with a flexible copper suspension option that replaces standard wire hanging components. This allows the pendants to be angled in any direction, tilt upwards, and wrap around objects on the wall. This allows for a truly unique composition aesthetic. Furthermore, copper is designed to oxidize over time, resulting in a warm and inviting finish.

The copper used to make the 28 pendants is naturally tarnished and weathered, and will register its use over time in a unique patina. This piece is made by hand, so its composition and size will vary slightly. Because of this, it is an original work of art.