June 25, 2024


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Bedroom Wardrobe Designs You’ll Fall In Love With

Where do you spend most of your time at home? Many people’s answer may be the same as mine: Isn’t the most common place to stay in the bedroom? And as a bedroom’s expansion weapon, the wardrobe, of course, needs to be carefully designed~ But why is the wardrobe of other people’s homes beautiful and can be installed, while yours is small and low?

Today I will share with you a wave of the most popular bedroom wardrobe designs this year. Advanced and practical, it is right to dress according to the new house!

One-line wardrobe

One-line wardrobes are familiar to everyone and are also very common. In order to save space in the bedroom, this kind of wardrobe is generally set at the door against the wall.

Less than top design

You can customize or buy finished products without the top design. Customization is more personalized and can be flexibly arranged and moved at any time. It is also great to make the cabinet wider for storage, but because the top surface of the wardrobe and the ceiling are not so perfect, there will be gaps, which are easy to accumulate dust and difficult to clean.

Top design

The top wardrobe makes full use of the wall space, increases the storage space, and does not have the trouble of sanitation and dust. The top wardrobe can also use the space above the door as a top cabinet, so you don’t have to worry about running out of space for seasonal storage.

In-wall design

The built-in design embeds the wardrobe in the wall, and the biggest advantage is that it does not occupy the interior area. It can free up more space for furniture arrangement and free movement, which is very suitable for small bedroom. The cabinets are all embedded in the wall, and the walnut doors are integrated with the floor, making the bedroom look larger.

Hollow-carved design

For Yan Control, the wardrobe is not only storage, but also decorative display. The partial hollow design of the wardrobe allows you to store a double harvest of beauty. The partial color matching of the top wardrobe can make the classification of storage and display more flexible, and at the same time, it is visually beautiful and the space does not appear depressing. Partially hollow out the function of hanging clothes, autumn and winter coats can be hung easily, no need to put them on the chair to affect the cleanliness of the room.

Corner wardrobe

Corner wardrobes are actually also called L-shaped wardrobes. They are generally designed by means of a 90° corner wall in the bedroom, so that dead corners become active corners, and the space utilization is doubled. Customize the wardrobe at the corner and make perfect use of the dead corner of the decoration. The effect is far more than earning a few square meters. At the same time, the styles are well unified, extending from the corner to the bedside wall, which increases the overall sense of design and makes the overall sense stronger. Clever use of the corner wardrobe can double the storage space in the bedroom, no longer afraid that there is no place to put the newly bought clothes, and there is another reason to buy things!

Multifunctional Combination Wardrobe

If in addition to the wardrobe, you also want multiple functional areas such as a dresser and a desk, the multifunctional combined wardrobe is definitely suitable for you.

Wardrobe + Desk

If you want to work in the bedroom, but feel that a desk alone takes up too much space, the combination of wardrobe and desk is definitely the best choice. It not only maximizes the utilization of space, but also ensures the unity of space style. 2-in-1 super combination, multi-functional integrated design is really amazing!

Wardrobe + Dresser

A dresser is an essential piece of furniture for every fairy bedroom, but if the bedroom is small, how should the dresser be placed? You may wish to combine the wardrobe and dresser, and you can easily get makeup and dressing up. Cosmetics, decorations and even books can be placed on the shelves and countertops of the dresser, and the chest of drawers below provides a safe place for valuables such as necklaces and bracelets.