December 1, 2023


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Exploring the Enchanting Elegance of &Tradition’s Formakami JH3


&Tradition’s Formakami JH3 is an exquisite lighting fixture that exudes enchanting elegance. This design, created by the celebrated Spanish designer Jaime Hayon, is inspired by traditional Asian paper lanterns. The Formakami JH3 is a modern interpretation of the classic lantern, featuring delicate rice paper and slim, elegant frames.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Formakami JH3 and explore its unique features that make it such a captivating piece of design.

The History of Rice Paper Lanterns

Jaime Hayon’s Formakami JH3 is a contemporary twist on traditional Asian lanterns, and it’s fascinating to see how paper lanterns have evolved over time. The first documented use of a paper lantern dates back to the Han dynasty in China, over two thousand years ago. These early lanterns were made from silk or paper and were used to ward off evil spirits.

Over time, paper lanterns became an important part of various Asian cultures and were used for a variety of functions, such as lighting the way during festivals, marking the location of a tea house, and as a wedding decoration.

The Design of the Formakami JH3

Jaime Hayon’s Formakami JH3 is a delicate and refined design that draws on the tradition of paper lanterns. The lamp is available in three different sizes, with the largest measuring at 71cm in diameter and the smallest at 31cm. The lantern frame is made of black-stained solid oak, which frames the translucent rice paper shade.

The design of the Formakami JH3 is both modern and classic. The simple, clean lines of the oak frame contrast with the delicate texture of the rice paper, creating a visually stunning and elegant piece of design.

The Inspiration Behind the Formakami JH3

Jaime Hayon’s designs often have a touch of whimsy and playfulness, and the Formakami JH3 is no exception. Hayon was inspired by Asian culture and the elegance of traditional paper lanterns. The rice paper that forms the shade of the lamp is translucent, and when the lamp is lit, it creates a soft, warm glow that diffuses through the room.

The Formakami JH3 is a perfect example of Hayon’s design philosophy, which is to create meaningful and unique designs that are simultaneously timeless and modern.

The Versatility of the Formakami JH3

One of the most exciting aspects of the Formakami JH3 is its versatility. While it was designed as a pendant light, it can also be used as a floor lamp, creating a soft and soothing atmosphere in any room. The Formakami JH3 is also perfect for use in commercial spaces, such as restaurants and hotels, where it can create a unique and elegant ambiance.


The &Tradition Formakami JH3 is a stunning design that captures the essence of traditional Asian paper lanterns in a modern and elegant way. This light fixture is a perfect example of the power of design to blend tradition and modernity, and to create beauty and functionality.

Whether it’s used as a pendant light or a floor lamp, the Formakami JH3 is a unique and captivating addition to any space. Its soft, warm glow and elegant design are sure to make it a timeless and beloved piece of design.

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