June 25, 2024


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White Murano Mushroom Lamp

white murano mushroom lamp

Keeping up with trends is not easy, especially when your favorite social media sites keep bombarding you with the latest and greatest. It is difficult to decide what is new and what is old, what’s worth buying and whether it’s worth the money. However, a mushroom lamp is a piece that is well worth the price.


This white Murano glass mushroom lamp was made in Italy in the 1970s. It features an on/off switch on the cord, and measures 10.5″ tall. It is wired and in excellent condition. Since it is a vintage item, it may have minor signs of wear, such as scratching and fading.

If you are looking for a lamp that adds character and style to any room, a vetri murano mushroom lamp is a classic choice. These lamps are usually made of art glass or murano glass and were created as far back as the twentieth century. Despite their age, they still look great, even if they are not illuminated.


The Artemide white murano mushroom light is one of the classic examples of Murano lamps. The mushroom-like design has been reproduced by many designers over the years, including Luciano Vistosi, Artemide, and Vetri. In addition to being aesthetically appealing, Murano lamps are practical as they can be used anywhere.

The Atollo Lamp by Italian designer Vico Magistretti was designed in 1977 and is composed of geometric shapes. It has won several design awards and is now part of museum collections. This lamp is sculptural and is available in many different sizes. The Oluce Mushroom Lamp is another example of a mushroom lamp with a Scandinavian design influence. It is available as a floor lamp or a table lamp.

Artemide has a wide selection of unique lamps. The mushroom lamp is one of the most popular, as it’s both decorative and functional. Its unique design is a perfect choice for any room. Its diffused light is soft and diffused. Several models are available in the same style and have different colour palettes.

Luciano Vistosi

The Onfale collection by Luciano Vistosi has fascinated design lovers for over 30 years. The designer originally designed Murano glass lamps for the Italian lighting company Artemide. The Onfale collection has three sizes: small, medium, and large. These lights feature stylized mushrooms.

Unlike other types of mushroom lamps, this one features white spiral stripes on the cap. When lit, these lamps give off a soft glow. The lamp is 14 1/2″ tall and measures approximately 43″ in circumference. The surface of this piece is in good condition with minor scratches.

The white Murano mushroom lamp was designed by Luciano Vistosi, a leading glass artist. The Italian designer was born on Murano Island in 1931. His designs are known worldwide. After his father’s death, he turned his attention to handcrafted glass manufacturing. He also explored modern design and created the Onfale collection for Artemide, a large Italian lighting company. Today, the Italian designer works in Venice and Murano.


If you’re looking for a beautiful white murano mushroom lamp for your home, you’re in luck. A lot of designers, including Vetri, Artemide, and Luciano Vistosi, have produced versions of this classic lamp over the years.

This vintage-inspired mushroom lamp comes in white or pink. Its glass construction produces a subtle glow that will accent a room. Another fun mushroom lamp is the Honey & Ivy Mooshie Mushroom Table Lamp, which comes in nine subdued colors.